Stowarzyszenie Edukacji Rolniczej i Leśnej EUROPEA Polska is an association of green sector schools and institutions. EUROPEA Polska was established in 2005 as a member of EUROPEA International. Activities in European structures provide us with proven contacts throughout the Union, and international activity aims to improve the quality and adaptation of vocational education in Poland to European standards. 

There are more than 20 Polish VET schools associated to EUROPEA Polska. They are located across Poland. EUROPEA Polska strives to recognize students’ problems and needs, educate them to become well-qualified employees excellent values and ethos.
Teachers in schools associated under Europea, need modern knowledge and educational tools. 
Modern vocational schools want to equip students with the skills needed for a circular economy. They become initiators of change in the local community. Europea schools are mostly located in rural areas, where the social presence of the circular economy is clearly present.  
Parents and residents of especially Polish rural areas need an impulse to change their thinking and approach to the green economy. They will be a very important beneficiaries and participants in the social economy model.  

The management and members of EUROPEA Pl are managers and teachers of VET schools who have expressed the need to exchange professional experience with partners from the EU because they see mobility as an opportunity to introduce modern forms of training, teaching content adequate to the needs and exchange of good practices. 

Currently, the priority of vocational education is cooperation with entrepreneurs and providing training at the workplace, for schools to prepare for the implementation of the ECVET system and prepare graduates to navigate the European labor market. 

The quality of our projects is influenced by the fact that we use our network of proven contacts to acquire partner institutions, facilitating our members - students, teachers and schools, participating in our activities, and in the future undertaking independent international projects.

Contact details (website of your organisation, social media channels and if you like (not mandatory) contact details of you/the staff involved in this project.)

Project coordinator:
Wiesława Gąsiorowska