Humacapiact srls is a vocational education and training organisation and research centre. One of its key goals is to work within the framework of projects whose main focus is the creation of innovative training tools and methodologies, as well as the design of training courses. vocational counselling systems where the worlds of education and work collide Humacapiact also places a strong emphasis on digital education, building ICT tools, new applications, e-learning platforms, and generating unique tools in a variety of initiatives. Its staff's knowledge, expertise, and skills have enabled it to build and consolidate a strong and dependable network of local partners in a variety of fields, including organisations, enterprises, SMEs, innovation hubs, Chambers of Commerce, start-up, universities, public and private training centres, vocational schools, regional and local authorities and associations, etc. HumaCapiAct also works with ICT professionals to construct websites for media and content sharing, digital platforms (e-learning resources and/or online education and degrees), and MOOCs. Its employees have worked on a variety of local, regional, and European projects. 

Humacapiact actively participates in the SCE-VET project at all stages of its development as a partner. It is a member of the internal Social Team, coordinating the implementation of educational Canvas connected to Social Circular Economy concerns and directed to the project's three primary target groups: trainers, students, and companies.

Website: https://www.humacapiact.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hcaTorino
Contact details: info@humacapiact.com