YA – World class education
YA has about 190 employees and 2600 students and is owned and maintained by The Federation of Swedish Ostrobothnia for Education and Culture. The region of Ostrobothnia is a forerunner when it comes to circular economy and through another project the guide Ostrobothnia in Transition– Roadmap for Sustainable Development and Circular Economy was created. The local regional development companies have very strong knowledge about different branches and about the different companies’ potential to move towards circular economy and sustainability.  Since YA's mission is to prepare students and staff for a society and region that has close contacts across cultural and national boundaries, this fits perfectly with the objectives of the SCE-VET project. 

YA – Vocational College of Ostrobothnia is a forward-looking vocational education and training (VET) educator. We offer our education mainly in Swedish for both youths and adults, and for companies. At YA we anticipate and ensure professional competence needs and offer both students and staff opportunities and alternatives to achieving their personal development goals when it comes to education and work. YA's vision of "world-class education" is firmly established both in our daily activities on the regional arena, and through our international activities where YA's students and staff obtain valuable experience and strengthened skills, while at the same time developing the organization.

Today YA offers a Vocational Qualification in Nature and Environmental protection (180 cp). In all VET education program, the students at YA (and all other VET educators in Finland) will undertake the compulsory unit of “Promoting sustainable development”. It is also possible to choose a more extensive optional unit of Promoting sustainable development (3 cp). Also, since 1.8.2022 all new VET students in Finland will have the option to choose the unit “Working with climate responsibility” (15 cp).

Close collaboration with the local industry and European VET educators guarantees competence development that is vital for YA and other local employers and employees. Through our broad project and development experience, YA has developed long-lasting national and international partnerships and networks. YA is an active member in several international networks and has over 30 international partners in almost 20 countries.

YA is since many years certified by the ISO 9001 quality management standard. 


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Contacts: henrik.ingo@yrkesakademin.fi (project leader) and susanna.vestling@yrkesakademin.fi (project coordinator)