Innovating towards the future
We educate our students consciously and entrepreneurially to be intrinsically motivated to collaborate within various social networks in the Netherlands and Europe. Yuverta students are at home in the future and develop themselves using the 21 century skills 

The Yuverta vision and mission fits seamlessly with the objectives of the SCE-VET project. Actively contributing to a sustainable world in which the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations play an important role. 
Innovatively designing educational programs gives the opportunity to respond to current events in a changing climate in the broadest sense of the word.

Future generations face diverse challenges in terms of developing a sustainable environment, social resilience, and economic circularity. This requires empathy and a growing mindset. To activate this, the Social circularity day will be organized by Yuverta_VET in May 2023.  Students from Europe, through a Hackathon, will solve different problem sets from social circularity within 24 hours (result 2.)  Yuverta has the largest range of green courses in the Netherlands. The courses are spread over 53 locations in central and southern Netherlands anchored in the region we count more than 28,000 students aged 12 to 65 years. Yuverta offers a lifelong development perspective in which the 'green' student can develop practical and theoretical skills, we offer applied education that connects to practice. From different labs we develop living- and field labaratory programs based on current national and international challenges. We collorborate with partners from business, government, knowledge institutes, labor market, industry and interest groups. Yuverta practitioners, vocational teachers and knowledge brokers work closely together in these programs. 

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