Circularity Day for staff and students

Social & Circularity Day is an exciting concept on how to arrange an event and to showcase how people and organizations can put social circularity into practice. Social entrepreneurship and Circular economy is getting more and more important and this event is a perfect opportunity to encourages teachers, students, VET education partners and other stakeholders to act, reflect and prepare for their future. There is a need to raise awareness about environmental and climate-change, social challenges, and potentials and the Social & Circularity Day is a good place to start!

The Social & Circularity Day is organized as an open event either onsite, online or hybrid. The Social Circularity Day can be arranged as a physical event with online elements, or a fully digital event that offers a deep dive into environment, social issues and innovation. The participants will get updated information regarding social circular economy and create new networks. The event’s aim is to have best practice knowledge exchange and develop solutions for future actions and collaboration, e.g. for future social entrepreneurs. 

The program for the Social & Circularity Day varies depending on the organizer, but information on social circular economy is always included and inspiring study visits (online or onsite) or relevant workshops on the theme can be planned. For inspiration and suggestions, have a look at the inspiration document